Between heaven and hell

April 12, 2008

Between heaven and hell
my unstable soul is poised
and the ladder of divine ascent
is slippery. It is usually
when I think I have finally
gained a certain virtue
that I fail at it miserably.
O Christ, as you saved the harlot
who washed your feet with her tears,
as you justified the publican
and accepted repentant Manasses,
accept me in repentance.
Do not forsake me, your useless servant,
nor abandon me to the malicious demons
who seek to separate me from you
and would drag me into
everlasting chains of darkness.
Have mercy upon me, your useless servant,
for I have grown old in sin
and have wasted my life in laziness.
As you are merciful, longsuffering, and compassionate,
teach me your commandments.

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