Holy Resurrection Monastery to move

May 27, 2008

Holy Resurrection Monastery of Newberry Springs, California, a Byzantine Catholic monastery led by Archimandrite Nicholas Zachariadis and including, among its fellowship, Hieromonk Maximos, the author of the Anastasis Dialogue blog, has announced that it plans to sell its property in the Mojave Desert to a nearby Coptic monastery and is seeking to acquire monastic property in the town of Belvidere in western New Jersey, near the Delaware River. The reasons for the move are described here. Essentially, after trying for some years to support themselves by running a bakery, which required them driving two hours each direction, the monks have come to the conclusion that some other means of economic support, more in keeping with their monastic calling, is necessary to the monastery’s survival and well-being. Their goal is to operate a conference center and retreat house, which would be also a center for Christian dialogue and for the “spiritual ecumenism” the monastery endeavors to promote and embody. The monks hope that the property in western New Jersey, with its proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia and to many Eastern Christian parishes, both Catholic and Orthodox, may allow them to fulfill such a vocation.

I have met the monks a number of times; they are good people and have a strong liturgical life, and I am glad to hear that they may soon be my neighbors. I urge readers of this blog to support them financially and with your prayers.

11 Responses to “Holy Resurrection Monastery to move”

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  2. Vito Says:

    Your gain is our loss. The Youngstown-Warren Ohio area was under consideration as their new home. I second your urging that we support them financially and with prayers.

  3. Carson Lauffer Says:

    They were also looking around Chicago. Sigh…


  4. diane Says:

    I wish they would come here to North Carolina! We are mission territory, and we don’t have much of a ByzCath presence (just Ss. Cyril and Mehtodius in Cary, near the Triangle, and a mission thereof in Charlotte). We have loads of gorgeous woods, farmland, mountains, the works; and our real estate is much more reasonably priced than anything in New Jersey (much less California). Plus, the Catholic Bible Belt is where it’s happenin’, man!

    I can see wjhy they’d want to be up there where the EC and EO parises are, but…waaaaah, we need ’em, too.

    And did I mention our temperate climate? :)

  5. Dr. Gilbert,

    We have sort of met before. I was a rasaphore monk at Holy Resurrection when you visited some years ago. I just wanted to commend you for your blog and the work that you do. If anything, your work and Holy Resurrection Monastery prove that you don’t have to immerse yourself in fundamentalist rhetoric to have a sincere, traditional, and firm faith in Christ and His Church. That is the thin line we have to walk on: on the one hand, not falling into relativism, and on the other, not making blanket statements about others’ beliefs, histories, and practices that exclude people unnecessarily from the mystery of salvation in Christ. You are doing a fine job walking that line. Keep up the good work.

  6. diane Says:

    Dr. Gilbert, I know you have closed commetns on your most recent apologia, but I just want to say it is one of the mostbeautiful posst I have ever read anywhere.

    My heart ached for you when you said you would always feel spiritually homesick if you were to cross the Tiber. Believe it or not, I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel precisely the same way about Doxing (although that’s not a live possibility for me). I’m a Cradle Catholic, teethed on statues and stained glass and holy cards and Lives of the Saints and Benediction and Novenas and the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. And, if you tried to deprive me of any this stuff (statues, say), I would respond in the immortal words of Irving Berlin or George Gershwin or whoever it was: “No, no, you can’t take that away from me.” I would wither and die without that distinctively Latin Catholic atmosphere. It’s like air for me.

    How I hope and yearn for reunion! If only the EP and B16 could work something out…undoubtedly many would not follow, but, then again, many would. May it come, Lord, may it come!

  7. diane Says:

    Sorry for manifold typos in post above…I should have checked before I posted. Mea culpa.

  8. Rob Says:

    I live at the foot of the Bothers of the Sacred Heart in Belvidere where the Holy Ressurection Monastary is to move. I have the impression from the Brothers that nothing is happening and perhaps the HRM is having troubles arranging for financing in these hard times. I do hope that HRM is able to make the move.

  9. […] 23, 2009 Last May, an announcement was made on this blog that Holy Resurrection Monastery planned to move from its current location in […]

  10. Rob Lilley Says:

    The Augustinian Recollect Nuns from Irvington, NJ have purchased and are moving into the former Brothers of the Sacred Heart monastery in Belvidere, NJ

  11. bekkos Says:


    Thanks for the information. I’m sorry the Holy Resurrection Monastery brothers are not coming to New Jersey; but our loss is California’s gain. The property in Belvidere seems like a beautiful, quiet place; may the Augustinian sisters thrive there. I don’t know if anyone has heard anything yet as to whether the monks in California are having any success in acquiring new property for their monastery.


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