A brief answer about this blog

October 7, 2008

James G. yesterday wrote and asked if I would be posting regularly to this blog again, and how my translations are going. I thought I would answer him here.

What I can say is that I would like to begin writing for this blog again, but, for reasons to be explained, it is unlikely that I shall be able to produce material at the rate I was doing before. The chief cause of this is that I have taken on a job at a bookstore; on most days, it leaves me with little time or energy for writing. That situation has also affected my work on John Bekkos: I have not, in fact, gotten very far on it over the past three months, and at times it seems like the Bekkos work is a ship drifting in thick fog further and further out to sea. It is not an ideal situation; however, given the current state of the economy, and of my own finances, it seems to me best to continue at the bookstore.

(The bookstore at which I work here in northern New Jersey is one of these vast megastores that, along with the internet, have been so effective in putting small, independent booksellers out of business. By and large, the people I work with and for are decent, intelligent, and caring; and there is a certain satisfaction that comes from helping people find the texts they are looking for. There is also a certain unhappiness that comes from seeing how much vile trash is actually bought and sold. Last week someone asked me if I could recommend to him a book that is “new and exciting”; I told him that I only read things that are old and boring. He asked an example; I said “Aristotle.” He wasn’t interested.)


5 Responses to “A brief answer about this blog”

  1. Just reccomend the latest John Grisham book… Whatever it is – I don’t know – will be new and exciting enough for the next person looking for something “new and exciting”…

    I guess.

    I feel for ya. My projects have been put on hold as the hours in the day are needed for job #2. Homeownership as a goal of the near-future (within 24 months) is definately something that seems more a fantasy than a possibility… Ahh well, we are here to work.

  2. Fr. Joseph Bittle Says:

    I do hope that you will again find time to publish on the blog, esp. on topics related to your work on Bekkos. It is a valuable discussion.

  3. Emily Says:

    Dear Dr. Gilbert,

    I would like to ask you a question related to the work of the journal Communio. Please, would you write to me at communio at aol, or tell me how I may contact you?

    Thank you very much,

    Emily R.

  4. T. Chan Says:

    My opinion that good scholarship and texts are a luxury, of which we are being deprived because of our sinfulness, is starting to be set in stone. How many treasures could be published instead of the trash that is put out by the major companies. And yet what else does our society want, given its misplaced priorities?

  5. Wei Hsien Says:

    Dr. Gilbert,

    Glad to see that you’re writing again. I look forward to reading whatever you can publish these days.

    May you meet someone soon who is looking for a book that might stretch his intellect and change his life.


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