A brief notice

July 20, 2009

I just today received word from Communio concerning the essay I sent them in April; they want me to revise it, and they want the revision by next week. I think the criticisms that were made — essentially, that the essay, as it stands, is a bit too technical for the journal’s audience, and that I need to do more to explain to readers both who Bekkos is and why the underlying theological issues are important — are entirely well-taken. Because I will be completely preoccupied with this job until early next week, I would ask readers’ forbearance if I do not reply to comments for the time being, and if the discussion on divine simplicity that has recently emerged in the comments to my last post is temporarily put on hold.

2 Responses to “A brief notice”

  1. Brandon Says:


  2. Bravo!
    I have found your material on Bekkos very valuable, and am surprised that it has not yet reached the published book status!
    I would love to see you engage in a translation of the work of George Metochites!
    In Christ,
    Jim Likoudis

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