Half a Century

November 4, 2009

The following poem was sent yesterday to my friend David Auerbach/John Q. Blood, musician, poet, philosopher, and sometime house painter, on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday. Happy Birthday, Johny!

At half a century
our thoughts begin to tend
towards how we may support ourselves
when colder days descend

At half a century
through spectacles we look
and must resort to stronger ones
when we would read a book

At half a century
one feels assorted aches
and some of them may have to do
with thoughts of past mistakes

At half a century
new lines on face appear
and what we’ve made ourselves to be
becomes a bit more clear

At half a century
old questions still remain
they rattle round and round within
a more hard-wired brain

At half a century
a friend is still a friend
and may God grant you many years
before your years shall end

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