O intrepid driver

February 27, 2010

Earlier this month, when I was caught in one of the blizzards that have recently hit Washington, D.C., my friend Jim Preston showed his great and wonted resourcefulness by helping me get my Volkswagen into a public garage before the roads became completely impassible. The following poem is dedicated to him, in gratitude. (As should be clear, his car has four-wheel drive.)

O intrepid driver through the snow
That falls profuse and heavy on the land:
The memory of thy days in Buffalo
Shall guide thee still to destinations grand.
For wisely thou hast furnished all thy wheels
With motive shafts, to give them added force.
Thy Subaru the tempest hardly feels,
But makes its way undaunted like a horse.
So, whether thy friend Paddy thou wouldst see,
Or wouldst take faithful Bruno to the vet,
The nets that sullen Time propels at thee
Shall not ensnare thy feet, or make thee fret.
For, as thou takest Virtue as thy crown,
Thou hast no need to fear the season’s frown.


2 Responses to “O intrepid driver”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’m supposed to go to DC next week to check out grad-schools. How’s the snow now? Hope it doesn’t snow again in a week!

    Anyways, glad you got out of the snow safe!

  2. bekkos Says:


    Unfortunately, as I am now home in New Jersey, I do not know what the conditions are like on the ground in DC, but my friend James writes that spring is on its way, which is encouraging. Best of luck with your graduate school search!


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