An Appearance of the Virgin in Cairo

March 12, 2010

I find today that Nathan Hollenbeck has again begun posting at the blog Toward Transfiguration. He has there a remarkable video showing the appearance of a bright form, in the shape of a woman, standing on the roof of a Coptic Orthodox church in Cairo, filmed this past December 16th, the day that marked the beginning of the Coptic month devoted to the Virgin Mary. I viewed it just now, with my poor, dial-up connection, and found it altogether remarkable. And it seems to me that Nathan’s remarks need to be taken to heart:

“I tremble when I see this and remember Kibeho and Fatima. Fatima preceded and prophecied a world war. Kibeho preceded and prophecied the Rwanda genocide. The greater the mercy, the greater the trials ahead. Perhaps also God … has allowed his Most Holy Mother to appear to Christian and Muslim alike as a plea to her Muslim children to turn to God in light of what she, God, and the holy angels only know the future may hold if we don’t all repent, pray, and fast, but what we already see foreshadowed in current tensions.”

In view of Cristian Ciopron’s article on the Transfiguration, which I posted earlier today, I would recommend that readers of my blog look at this video, as a testimony to the reality of the transfigured life in Christ and as a plea for Christian unity more powerful than any which my poor pen can muster.

3 Responses to “An Appearance of the Virgin in Cairo”

  1. john di Says:


    When the bright light disappears at the 4:31 mark in the video, the dimming of the light source that created the bright light can clearly be seen atop a tower in the background. The video actually provides strong evidence that the bright light was man-made.

  2. bekkos Says:

    Hmm, well, I’ll have to take a look at the whole thing. As mentioned above, my dialup connection is pretty slow. Thanks for the tip.


  3. bekkos Says:

    John Di,

    I had a chance to watch the whole thing this evening. As you say, at precisely the 4:31 mark in the video, the bright light disappears, and one sees briefly a tower in the background, with a lamp dimming and evidently a window shutting after it. That is, as you say, strong evidence that the light was man-made. It still makes me wonder how a lamp in a tower many meters off could project an image into thin air in such a way that those on the street below would perceive it as a three-dimensional object standing over a church, and itself a source of light…. But you’re right, the probability that this was a genuine appearance of the Virgin in Cairo and not a clever ruse engineered by some enterprising and not very scrupulous Christian publicity-seekers now seems very dim. That’s too bad; I rather hoped it was the real thing.


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