The Great Republic

July 4, 2010

In celebration of American Independence Day, I am posting to the blog a song, The Great Republic. It is performed by yours truly (vocals, piano) and Mr. Johny Blood (tuba); the recording was made in March 2005 in a studio in Oakland, California. I wrote it many years ago — in 1986 or 1987 — during the presidency of Ronald Reagan when, as a graduate student at Catholic University, I lived near the nation’s capital; this may account for the language about flags fluttering along the boulevard, coloring the mind, and tourists coming to see the place where Abraham Lincoln used to say grace (I’m not sure that Mr. Lincoln in fact did say grace, but tourists do go to the White House, and I would claim poetic licence in justification of the wording).

The recording takes up about 4 megabytes; it will download to your computer if you click HERE. Be forewarned.

Also, I do mean to post something soon about the excellent conference on Orthodox Constructions of the West that I attended this past week at Fordham University. But it has taken me some days to collect my thoughts and recuperate from driving back and forth to the Bronx, so, for the time being, I would ask my readers’ patience, and hope they will enjoy hearing The Great Republic.

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