Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Robert M. Bowman

September 17, 2010

Because I posted some opinions last week on the subject of 9/11, and many readers of this blog may have no idea what terms like Building 7 refer to, and may in fact think that the opinions expressed in that post are somewhat bizarre and kooky (aside from being expressed in extremely bad verse), I am posting a couple of segments from a radio program that I heard this morning on WBAI, the show Guns and Butter, hosted by Bonnie Faulkner of KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, California. (The show is, incidentally, an excellent one, and one of the advantages of living near New York City is that one is able to hear such things on the radio.) She was interviewing a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel named Dr. Robert M. Bowman, a man who, during the 1970’s, was in charge of the development of space-based weapons systems for the U.S. military, the program which later, under President Reagan, came to be called “Star Wars.” His comments echo the concerns I expressed in last week’s post; and, as they come from a man much more authoritative and knowledgeable in military matters than I will ever be, I thought I would transcribe them and publish them here.

B. Faulkner: I’m speaking with former director of Advanced Space Programs Development, Dr. Robert Bowman. Today’s show: “Vietnam, Space Wars, and 9/11.” I’m Bonnie Faulkner. This is Guns and Butter….

B. Faulkner: Well see, this is very important, and this is what we’re dealing with today, the consolidation of media and the control, particularly here in the United States….

R. Bowman: Of course, and it’s much, much worse today: when you have major events go on, and the government concocts a lie, it’s a lot easier to sell that lie today than it used to be. Think back to 1963 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Yeah, the Warren Commission was much like the 9/11 Commission, in concocting a cock-and-bull story to cover up the truth, but in 1963 there were still independent newspapers, and independent media; and so almost all Americans heard about the “grassy knoll.” But, fast-forward to today, and, when 9/11 happened, almost all the major media were absolutely dominated by a handful of multinational corporations, owned lock, stock and barrel by these corporations who profited greatly from the wars, and had interlocking boards of directors with weapons manufacturers and oil companies and all the rest. So, the result of that was that almost nobody, except for a handful of us in the 9/11 Truth movement, has ever heard of Building 7. And Building 7 is the smoking gun; it’s the Grassy Knoll of 9/11, if you will. And yet, so many people haven’t heard of it.

When Barack Obama was still in the Senate, I went to see him; I only saw him very briefly, said a few words, niceties, and he had to leave, but I briefed his chief of staff in the Senate for over an hour, and I showed him my 3-minute “smoking gun” video of Building 7, showing the BBC announcing the collapse of Building 7 ten to twenty minutes before it happened, and the BBC announcer talking about why Building 7 had come down — and you can still see it standing over her left shoulder. And it shows a clip of Larry Silverstein talking about his decision to “pull it,” and talking about his insurance policy which he took out only weeks before 9/11, specifically covering acts of terrorism. And it also shows about a dozen views of Building 7 coming down from different angles, each one looking, for all the world, like a perfect controlled demolition of an intact building with no visible fires, a building that had not been struck by an aircraft. And, if someone sees this video, and understands that that building came down at free fall speed at 5:20 in the afternoon, hours after the two tallest towers had come down, this 47-story, steel-reinforced building, it’s very hard for them to deny that the official Bush conspiracy theory about 9/11 is impossible. And yet, what happened when I showed this to Obama’s chief of staff — he said, “I’ve never heard of Building 7.” And he’s chief of staff for a leading United States senator and candidate for the presidency. So, that’s what the media has done; they have kept the American people in the dark about so much. The American people, rather than being informed, are brainwashed. So, we have a hard job.

B. Faulkner:
Well, even though Senator Obama’s chief of staff said he’d never heard of Building 7 before, after he found out about it from you …

R. Bowman:
(agreeing) … mm-hmm…

B. Faulkner: … he still didn’t do anything, did he?

R. Bowman: No, uh, well, I don’t know whether he ever told Barack Obama about this. And so I can’t say for sure if President Obama understands about Building 7 and knows that the official 9/11 story is a lie. I just don’t know. But he ought to know.

* * *

B. Faulkner: You found the official explanation of the failure of the air defense system on September 11, 2001 to be incredible. Did you reject the official account from the start, or come to this view over time?

R. Bowman: Well, my wife can tell you that, as we sat there and watched what was happening on the morning of September 11, 2001, what I kept saying over and over was: Where are the interceptors? And, I mean, that just doesn’t happen. Hijacked airliners do not fly around for an hour and forty minutes without being intercepted, unless our air defense system was deliberately sabotaged. And nineteen Arabs with boxcutters can’t do that. And something was fishy. I also, when I saw the first tower come down, I said: That can’t happen. There’s no way that an aircraft impact and the paltry fires caused by that could cause that structure to come down with all its thousands of tons of steel and concrete. And then the other one fell, too. I mean, I knew the whole thing was just fishy. And then, in the newspaper, while Condolissa Rice was going around saying, Oh my goodness, we never thought such a thing could happen; who could envision this kind of thing? — we find out that exercises were going on that very morning, simulating hijacked aircraft being flown into high-value targets — like buildings. And it was reported to the FBI that Moussawi was probably working on a project to fly a hijacked airliner into the World Trade Center. But, we’d go from being absolutely clueless to, within hours, the front page of the newspapers having all the names and pictures of the supposed hijackers; while an indestructible black box from the airliner supposedly evaporated in this fire, an unarmed passport from one of the hijackers floats to the street below — the whole thing is just fishy from the beginning.


One Response to “Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Robert M. Bowman”

  1. jay008 Says:

    Amen and amen. Now I don’t look so stupid for those years of promoting this back when I had nicenetruth. I’ve spent countless hours researching this and listening to dozens of interviews with mem like Bowman. And who were my biggest opponents and who actually threatened me in some instances? Fellow “Christians.” Yet, no one would debate me on the matter. Massive kudos to you, dear sir.

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