Turn the page

October 2, 2010

Each morning when I wake
I feel another ache.
I wonder what is going on
and if there’s some mistake.
The heavens move so fast.
I turn another page.
I have too much cholesterol
in my old age.

About the Buddha now
I lecture to the young,
and words about Four Noble Truths
trip lightly from my tongue.
The heavens move so fast.
I turn another page.
I’ve grown so multicultural
in my old age.

To know our neighbor’s sins
our hearts perversely itch,
until we see him jump from bridge
or lie dead in the ditch.
The heavens move so fast.
I turn another page.
Each one must give account, and must
receive a wage.

The trillions that we owe
are nothing when compared
to the collective debt we’ll know
when souls are bared.
The heavens move so fast.
I turn another page.
I’ll trust in the Lord Jesus Christ
from age to age.


2 Responses to “Turn the page”

  1. Fr. Gregorios Hrynkiw Says:

    I’m a Byzantine priest-monk exiled to Rome after my life was threaten three years ago by the mafia in an ex-USSR country. I have set up a unique hermitage dedicated to the spiritual care of the human intellect.
    I have followed your work with great interest and respect.
    This academic year, I hopefully will complete my doctorate. I am a Byzantine Thomist, specializing in the period of Renaissance Thomism (from 1444- to the eve of the Council of Trent).
    There are many things that I would like to discuss with you, if you are willing. I know that you are very busy; and so am I at present. All I wish to propose is a leisurely and relax forum of communication via email without any pressure to respond immediately or even at all.
    As a Byzantine-Thomist, obviously Palamism is a topic of interest to me. I am, however, very interested in your work on Bekkos. It is important to let his voice be heard. Your un-polemical and clear style of writing is a perfect medium for this endeavor.
    Thank you for your academic labor. It is much appreciated. I trust my name and email are attached to this comment.
    In Christ.

  2. J Moron Says:

    That’s a sweet and rueful poem, Peter. High cholosterol has led me to throw cheese more often thatn I eat it (don’t tell Bugsy). I hope you’re enjoying teaching–I’d be interested to see the reading list.

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