Halloween Economics

November 1, 2010

A total of about thirty children came to my door yesterday, trick-or-treating; this was six times the activity seen in previous recent years, when the average total was five. Perhaps this remarkable increase of activity at the microeconomic level portends a general economic upturn, and a return to normalcy after many years when children roaming about in search of sweets, dressed up as hobgoblins or fairies, were strangely scarce. Or it may simply be that, because Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, more parents were at liberty to chaperone their small children around the neighborhood. Whatever the cause, I was glad to see so many young people come to my door, and was happy to supply them with comestibles. Because there were so many petitioners, I had to make a run to the supermarket around 6 p.m., to restock.

To those who are observing it, a happy All Saints’ Day.