Kyparissiotes: Decade 2.2

February 5, 2011

From John Kyparissiotes, Decades, PG 152, 761B – 762A.

Chapter Two. That demonstrative theology, too, though it appears to be without any veil, proceeds by way of types formed for our sake.

The great Dionysius, in his Letter to Titus, says:

That such [coverings] are congenial to our nature is declared also by those who, when they hear theology clearly and without symbols, weave in themselves a sort of type, which conducts people to the conception of the aforesaid theology. But also the very fashioning of the visible universe sets forth the invisible things of Almighty God, as says both Paul and the infallible Word.

[2.2.1] Dionysius, Ep. ad Titum 9, 1-2; PG 3, 1108 A-B.

And the other Dionysius, in expounding these things, says that those who have heard the theology that is manifest and unveiled form, by their thought, types, which help those who hear them to understand.

[2.2.2] Dionysius of Alexandria (not found).

From these things what was said earlier becomes clear, that even those things which are said to us by God in Holy Scripture plainly and without covering veils are types and images, despite the fact that they are spoken affirmatively in a demonstrative way.

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