Queasy fear

January 12, 2013

A queasy fear I sometimes feel
arising in my gullet
from auditory memory
of some demonic trumpet

And sometimes I have had
to sit awhile and catch my breath
when sounds recall the leaden chord
of the angel of death

It’s not so often that I hear
these inward echoings
but when I do, they help me to
remember the last things

Death, and judgment, heaven and hell
(to cite the ancient number)
when seven seals send thunderous peals
and souls awake from slumber

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5 Responses to “Queasy fear”

  1. elijahmaria Says:

    You wrote that whole thing just so you could get to the last quatrain, didn’t you. They are four beautiful lines!!…if you re-write consider death’s angel and give up the rhyme scheme there.

  2. bekkos Says:

    No, I actually wrote the first two stanzas some time ago, and wrote the last two today, because I thought the poem needed to be longer.

  3. mallory Says:

    I agree; the last stanza feels the most potent to me. Cool.

  4. elijahmaria Says:

    That’s interesting…In the two stanza version the rhyme scheme of the second stanza works for me but in the longer version it hitches rather than flowing as I read it aloud, moving through the entire poem as an extended thought. I like it in any event and I love the final quatrain.

  5. The Moron Says:

    I like the first verse not only for the half-rhyme of “trumpet/gullet”, but for the suggestion that you have heard the demonic trumpet before

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