17 years

September 11, 2018

Seventeen years since the towers fell,
that false-flag crime designed in hell.
Seventeen years of lies and wars
abetted by paid media whores.
Seven nations, one by one,
must see the barrel of our gun
and all because we claim to be
defending peace and liberty.
America has grown of late
into a vast surveillance state
and the pretext for it all
is a lie about the towers’ fall.

Remember 9/11! — Yes
(that common signal of distress),
but first remember to discern
how buildings fall when fires burn,
whether the force of gravity
alone has the ability
to turn to powder beams of steel
which disappear like things unreal
or whether also Building 7
(which felt no plane collide from heaven)
would fall at a predicted hour
without connivance of state power
and do so at a free-fall rate
as though it had no mass or weight.

Now those who bring these things to light
become the object of the spite
of all the official lying crowd
that try to dictate what’s allowed
to be expressed within the state
and with fine words conceal their hate.
The one thing they cannot forgive
is what explodes their narrative,
men like Assange and Snowden who
make known what governments actually do.

The lesson, if we’d care to see
is the loss of sovereignty.
America, for all its flaws,
once had a polity based in laws;
once was a true democracy
which balanced law with liberty.
More than the victims’ lives were lost
when glass and concrete turned to dust.
More than the towers went up in smoke.
Our constitution became broke.
Isn’t it time that we awoke?

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